Queens / Sires

Hawassa F8 Kowu

Hawassa Kowu was born in Slovakia. He has produced high quality litters ideal for breeding, and showing before he joined our cattery at two years old; two of which we also shipped over from Slovakia (Kygo and Primm). Kowu immediately warmed up to our family as if he was always part of it. He long legs, a long neck, and upright, rounded ears; ideal typing for a Savannah. Kowu loves to be brushed, petted, and inside playing with the family! We call him the “minnow man” because he loves his dried minnows! 

SGC Hawassa F7 Kygo

Supreme Grand Champion Hawassa King Kygo was also born in Slovakia and is the son of Kowu. He is a perfect example of what beautiful babies Kowu makes. Kygo’s typing was not only ideal for breeding, but also for showing. He won FIRST PLACE in both Savannah kitten and cat divisions internationally and reached the highest status, Supreme Grand Champion. Kygo is not only very typey but also a very large Savannah, like his dad. He is curious, social, and playful. He is as sweet as they come, and was immediately loved by our family, TICA judges, and anyone who meets him. He’s a total cuddle bug and has the biggest ears we have ever seen!

Wyldthingz F7 Sterling

Wyldthingz Sterling joined us from Northern California. He is our first silver and has placed several finals in the International Cat shows in 2021-2022. He is super affectionate and a total lap kitty. He follows us around, loves to play fetch, and loves to be held. He has perfectly placed, rounded ears like the serval with gorgeous markings. Sterling has the wild, exotic expression yet a personality to die for. He will be breeding this year and we are so excited to see what his future brings!

Silver Savannah Cat
Savannah Cat Breeder

Iwanna SV F1 Atari

Iwanna SV Atari was our first F1 and is very special to us. Atari has a strong bond with our family and has to be the smartest Savannah we have. Her long supermodel legs, bold black spots, short Serval tail, and large ears make her typing impeccable. Atari is a very flashy, large girl, yet extremely sweet and affectionate. She loves to give head butts and play fetch. Though we try not to have favorites, Atari will forever be our golden girl 🙂 She gets along with everyone and is, without a doubt, the queen of the house. We just worship this girl! 

Iwanna SV F1 Zara

Iwanna SV Zara is absolutely bursting with personality. Zara will run up to anyone she sees and rub against their legs until they pet her. Like Kowu, she loves her dried minnows and will lick you to death until you bring her some. She has inky spotting, Serval golden coloring, a solid black nose, perfectly hooded eyes, and gorgeous structure. Zara is very bonded to Atari and follows her wherever she goes. If Atari leaves her sight, Zara will call for her until she returns. Zara loves to go outside and play fetch. She is extremely fast and has the cutest chirp you have ever heard!

Wyldthingz F2 Stella

Wyldthingz Stella is our elegant ballerina girl. She has very long legs, large ears, super hooded eyes, and a spunky personality. She is shy, at first, but once she warms up, she’s a total lovebug! She loves the top shelf of all the cat trees, empty boxes, and any little nook to climb into; the higher the better for her! Stella loves to sleep in bathroom cabinets and will open up the doors to sneak inside. She is very curious and the first to explore new things. Stella is a gorgeous girl and her typing will make some gorgeous babies this year!

Savvy Paws F7 Akira

Savvy Paws Akira has already shown to be a gorgeous, typey girl. She attended one show last season and ended up placing 7th best Savannah kitten worldwide in the TICA cat shows. Akira has a very promising show future ahead of her with her long legs, huge ears, and gorgeous contrast. She is the most playful girl, always chasing around different toys. Akira loves to play fetch and climb through her crinkle-sounding cat tunnel. She is a total lap kitty, and will climb right into your lap every chance she gets. We adore her and she was a wonderful addition to our family!

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